Wallet pocket tissue paper makes your advertising information everywhere
Jun 06 , 2019

The Wallet tissue is also called the purse tissue because it looks like a wallet. The Wallet Tissue is also a kind of advertising tissue paper. The effect of advertising is achieved by printing enterprise information or promotion information on the outside the package. So, is an indispensable part of the marketing planning of modern enterprises.

The brand image and product image are printed on the outer packaging , so that customers or target consumers can contact the corporate image at a glance while using it, greatly improving the publicity effect , so wallet tissue  can be a new model Advertising promotion carrier.

In what situation do you need to customize Wallet Tissue to advertise?

General user Festival publicity, new product publicity, corporate image publicity, promotional activities, opening ceremony, anniversary celebration, new store opening time.

What industries are purse tissue suitable for?

It is widely used in all trade, such as catering industry, shopping malls, supermarkets, hotels, tobacco and alcohol, automobiles, real estate, finance, supermarkets, advertising companies, beverage manufacturers, brand food factories, beauty salons, communication companies, clothing factories, mobile phone manufacturers, large chain stores, etc.

What are the advantages of choosing Wallet Tissue for publicity?

  1. Low price and high utilization ;
  2. Benefit together and leave a good image for customers;
  3. Have more valuable and valuable targeted advertising space than gold;
  4. Greatly improve the brand and popularity of the company;
  5. Increase the probability of customer referral.

Customize  Wallet Tissue, can  print  all you want

Let’s see our wallet tissue specification , It’s raw material is 100% original wood pulp , the Tissue is delicate and soft, comfortable to use, safe and sanitary, and super absorbent. The packing is elegant, so , embellished delicate life, also bringing great convenience to our life and travel.

The  unfolded tissue sheet Size:200x200mm, can customized

This sheet’s raw Material is 100% Virgin Wood Pulp. Other Material also can customized.

It ’ s 7 sheets per bag, 8 sheets per bag, 10 sheets per bag , can customized.

Layer: Normally 3ply per sheets

Spend little money advertise the brand image , improve the brand popularity of goods, what are you still hesitating about? Come to print and customize all kinds of wallet tissue,  advertisement paper towel and napkin!

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