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    What is the quality difference between facial tissue and toilet paper?

    The main difference in quality between tissue paper and toilet paper is that tissue paper generally has wet toughness (an indicator of the toughness of paper in a fully wetted state). Toilet paper is generally not allowed to have wet toughness, in order to prevent the paper after use is not easy to decompose and clog the septic tank.

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  • 06
    Wallet pocket tissue paper makes your advertising information everywhere

    The Wallet tissue is also called the purse tissue because it looks like a wallet. The Wallet Tissue is also a kind of advertising tissue paper. The effect of advertising is achieved by printing enterprise information or promotion information on the outside the package. So, is an indispensable part of the marketing planning of modern enterprises. The brand image and product image are...

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  • 14
    Friendly tips: safe using tissue paper is very important

    Most people know nothing about the common sense of paper towel use. Wrong use of paper may bring security risks. Today, Hengyuan paper will introduce four common knowledge of safe paper use. Let’s have a look! Warm tip 1: keep a variety of paper at home Many people buy a lot of paper towels at the supermarket discount, put them at home, use them when they go to the toilet to clean their faces, whi...

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  • 08
    Welcom to Fujian Quanzhou Hengyuan Paper co.,ltd

    Our main products include: Pocket Tissue, Box Facial Tissue, Soft Pack Tissue Paper,Toilet Tissue, Napkin Paper, Hand Wipe Paper, Kitchen Paper Towel etc. Recently, our new development lotion tissue paper is welcomed by the market. Also focus on printing tissues ( napkins , facial tissue and the pocket one) exporting business to worldwide.

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    New start on Fujian Quanzhou Hengyuan Paper Co.,ltd

    We ,Fujian Quanzhou Hengyuan Paper co.,ltd. were born in 2008 and, since then, we have never stopped growing, guided by a unique passion that has spurred us to always go further, becoming leaders in the supply of tissue paper OEM services “Constantly improving and innovating” is the principle of Hengyuan. We professional in producing various kinds of disposable paper tissue products, We have a lar...

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