Friendly tips: safe using tissue paper is very important
Feb 14 , 2019

Most people know nothing about the common sense of paper towel use. Wrong use of paper may bring security risks. Today, Hengyuan paper will introduce four common knowledge of safe paper use. Let’s have a look!

Warm tip 1: keep a variety of paper at home

Many people buy a lot of paper towels at the supermarket discount, put them at home, use them when they go to the toilet to clean their faces, which is very unscientific. The functions of various kinds of paper can not replace each other, and the paper that has been put for a long time is not clean.

Toilet paper, tissue paper used more, can be appropriate to buy more, kitchen paper and wipes used is not much, 1-2 months to buy enough.

Warm tip 2: the tissue should be used up within 1 month

Please pay attention to the hygiene of paper towel. Try not to buy the paper towel in bulk. The paper towel after opening should be used up within one month. Toilet paper and tissue paper should be placed in the tissue box to reduce contact with the air, to prevent moisture breeding bacteria.

Warm tip 3: wipes can’t replace hand washing

You still need to wash your hands after using a wet tissue. The liquid content of wet paper towel is generally 80%, and the main components are water and fungicide. In order to make the disinfectant effectively dissolve in water for a long time, some chemical agents will be added to the wet paper towel.

“Propylene glycol” is a high-frequency word in the list of wet tissue ingredients. Although this kind of chemical will not cause serious impact on the skin, it will remain in the hands. So, a better way to disinfect is to wash hands with soap and rinse with running water.

Warm tip 4: bring your own tissue when you go out

Generally speaking, there will be no problem with the tissue paper we buy from the supermarket, but it is not necessarily the case in the restaurant outside. It is not worthwhile to eat a roadside stall and be harmed by inferior paper towels. It is more comfortable to use self provided tissue.

In particular, some roadside restaurants use roll toilet paper instead of napkins. Although both kinds of paper towels are made of original wood pulp and have undergone strict disinfection procedures, the disinfection standards of the two are completely different, and mixed use will affect health.

Data collected by bright paper: the total number of bacterial colonies allowed on each gram of toilet paper is 500, while that of each gram of tissue paper is 200. The mouth is often wiped with toilet roll. The bacteria on the paper may spread through respiratory tract, blood and digestive tract, causing people to suffer from enteritis, dysentery and other diseases.

The above points are the four common sense of safety paper introduced by Fujian Hengyuan Paper Co., Ltd. I hope it will help you!

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